About the MMC Gamuda Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

CSCS stands for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. It is a competency card scheme that covers the majority of the occupations within the construction industry. Its main aim is to improve upon the capability as well as the safety of construction site employees. The increased competency that the scheme brings is intended to play a leading role in the reduction of site accidents; thus it protects both the employers as well as the employees in the field.

Having a CSCS card will act as proof of the qualifications and competency’s and prove you have passed the relevant CSCS health and safety test. There are a range of CSCS Cards that individuals can apply for. These cards are colour graded in accordance to occupation, the type of training received, qualifications as well as your experience. In order to successfully apply for a CSCS card, an individual will be required to prove that they are indeed qualified for the occupational level that they have chosen.

The scheme manages a standardised testing system without being one-size fits all. It takes into account that employees will have differing levels of experience and formal qualifications and is why there are multiple card levels. The further up the chain you move in terms of CSCS Cards, the brighter your career prospects. Red Cards are for general trainees and experienced workers whereas labourers use the Green Card. As you move up the managerial ladder, you will need Blue, white, Gold and eventually Black Cards. Each of these cards requires a higher level of Vocational qualification that can be attained through formal training or through structured learning and vocational assessment.